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 American Moving Supplies Quilted Covers
     American Moving Supplies’ (AMS) covers are manufactured with only the finest materials, these are used to create the highest quality covers on the market today.  Unlike competitive pads that typically last 3-5 years under normal use, AMS covrs will generally last longer due to added quality features such as high count cotton/poly woven fabric, zigzag lock stitching, one-piece linear batting, and 4 finished corners. 

Our form-fitting furniture covers are the only ones in the industry to be guaranteed color fast as they’re made with our premium quality ProFormer material.  They quickly slip on and off large furniture pieces to offer protection without sacrificing productivity.  They can be easily used for either transit or storage.  American Moving Supplies is setting the new standard in furniture protection.  We protect your assets!

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  Chair Cover  

Chair Cover

Fitted Chair Cover with Blue Binding

Model: FC1003
44"H x 36"D x 39"W
Shipping Weight: 8.60 lbs.

  Couch Cover  

Loveseat Cover

Fitted Loveseat Cover with Orange Binding

Model: FC1006
Size: 44"H x 36"D x 62"W
Shipping Weight: 12.90 lbs.

  Couch Cover  

Sofa Cover

Fitted Sofa Cover with Green Binding

Model: FC1004
Size: 44"H x 36"D x 108"W
Shipping Weight: 17.60 lbs.

  Washer Dryer Range Cover  

Washer Dryer or Range Cover

Fitted Washer/Dryer/Range Cover with Red Binding

Model: FC1000
Size: 46"H x 38"D x 32"W
Shipping Weight: 8.50 lbs.

  Refrigerator Cover  

Refrigerator Cover

Fitted Refrigerator Cover with hook and loop fastener straps and Yellow Binding.

Model: FC1001
Size: 64"H x 33"D x 33"W
Shipping Weight: 12.50 lbs.

Appliance Truck cover

Appliance Truck Cover

Fitted protection cover for all AMS appliance hand trucks. It also comes with adjustable hook and loop fastener straps for a firm hold.

Model: FC1017
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs.


Hand Truck Cover

Hand Truck Cover

Fitted protection cover for "The Green Thing" steel handtruck. This has also been designed to work with most standard hand trucks.

Model: FC1011
Size: Fits 45" and 52"
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs.


  Big Screen TV Cover  

Big Screen TV Cover

Big Screen TV Cover Fits Up To 52" TV - Fitted Cover With Blue Binding

Model: FC1007
Size: 52" TV
Shipping Weight: 10.90 lbs.

  Door Jamb Protector  

Door Jamb Protector

Protect doorways from dents and scratches and increase your ROI by reducing damage claims.

Model: FC1005
Size: One size fits most
Shipping Weight: 3.30 lbs.

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